Yuki no Shinen

November 23, 2009

It Just Me…

Filed under: Poemzzz — Yuki Shirohara @ 8:15 am

You used to tell me that you like me more than any girls out there

You told me that it’s weird to tell a guy who loves you that you’re too bad for him

You used to ask me to stop giving you such an excuses

You told me that you like me the way I am

You don’t even care if I’m such an idiot

No one ever told me that he loves me the way you told me

I thought that I could believe in your feeling

I thought that I, for the first time, have a courage to let someone get into my heart

But then, you’re just the same as other guys

‘it’ means you choose the ‘10%’ right?

You just hurt me like other guys always done

I know that it’s not your fault, you never said about ‘forever’

It just me, believe in you too much

It just me, think that it might exist such a pure feeling

It just me, have such an innocent love

It just me, so stupid waiting for you

It just me, never think that you’re just the same ordinary guy

It just me, don’t ever want to admit what I understand for a long long time, admit that you’re not my one in a million

It just me…

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